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Options tab

Vtank Main.PNG

  • Advanced Options: Displays the advanced options list, allowing control of all internal macro variables.
  • Run Macro: Enables macro action. Turning tank On/Off functions more like a Pause.

  • Force Buff: Use this to force a rebuff, turn the macro On/Off to Pause the buffing sequence, it will resume where it left off
  • Cancel Force Buff: Cancels a Force Buff sequence.

  • Monster Range: The maximum range at which the macro will attempt to engage targets.
  • Ring Range: The range that ring damage is expected to carry.
  • Approach Range: When navigation is enabled, the macro will run towards a monster that is within approach range until it is within monster range.
  • Follow/Nav Min: The range from a waypoint at which the macro considers the waypoint to be reached.

  • Enable Buffing: Enables the buffing subsystem. When this is disabled, no self buffs will be cast.
  • Enable Combat: Enables macro combat. When this is disabled, the macro will not attack or debuff targets. HOWEVER, the macro will continue to heal itself, navigate, and loot.

  • Enable Autostack: Automatically stacks stackable items in your inventory.
  • Enable Autocram: Automatically moves items from your main pack to side packs.
  • Use Dispel Items: Causes the macro to use Gems of Stillness/Condensed Dispel/Society Dispel/Black Potions when a level 7 vuln is present on your character.
  • Cast dispel self: Causes the macro to cast Eradicate Life Magic Self when a level 7 vuln is present on your character.

  • Auto Fellow Mgmt.: Automatically Recruits when /t XP. See Virindi Tank Fellowship Commands
  • M. Charges when off: Allows Vtank to recharge Mana on items even if Vtank is Off.

  • Boost Nav. Priority: Causes the macro to navigate before attacking.
  • Boost Loot Priority: Loots corpses before attacking the next monster. Use this option when you care more about loot than kills, and you are not able to clear the spawn fast enough to finish looting everything.
  • Peace Mode When Idle: Switches to peace mode when not attacking. Usually used to improve regeneration rates when waiting for a respawn.
  • Rebuff When Idle: Causes the macro to recast buffs that are running low early, when it is not doing anything else. This prevents buff timers from running out in the middle of combat.

  • Summon Pets: Enables the SummonPets advanced option
  • Custom Pet Range: When Enabled, summons pets at the custom range rather than Monster Range
  • Pet Min. Monsters: The minimum number of allowed pet targets within pet range before a pet is summoned. (based on either Monster Range or Custom Pet Range)

Profiles tab

Vtank Profiles.PNG

Whenever any setting is changed in Virindi Tank, it is immediately saved to the current profile (unless the current profile is default, which cannot be changed).

  • Macro Settings: Your current settings file that is active, can be changed using dropdown.
    • [By char]: Creates a profile for that character only, same as Toggling Mine Only.
    • [Char]: Character Only Profile.
    • To create a new profile, click save as, enter a new profile name (no spaces), and then change the settings appropriately.
  • Mine Only: Profile created only for that specific character.
  • Enable Auto-Navigation: Toggles Navigation on/off. Routes are Created on the Route Tab, and Saved on the Profile Tab.
  • Enable Looting: Toggles Looting on/off. Profiles are created using the VT Classic Looter or Using the Alinco3 connector File.
  • Show Editor: No Function/Depreciated.

Usage for Alinco3 Connector File:

/vt loot new Alinco.los

Vitals tab

Vtank vitals.PNG

Top-off levels

  • Levels to which the macro will recharge when there is no active combat target.

For helper to work, your Fellow Panel must be open, or be joined in a Virindi Integrator 2 fellowship.

Monsters tab

Vtank monsters.PNG

This list defines what you want to do with each monster. You can put monster names in here, or define Monster Expressions.

The columns mean the following:

  • F: Fester.
  • B: Broadside of a Barn.
  • G: Gravity Well.
  • I: Imperil.
  • Y: Yield.
  • V: Vuln.
  • A: Primary attack (aka war). Causes the monster to be attack via the primary attack method of the chosen weapon: war for wands, melee for melee weapons, etc. If this is not selected, the macro will debuff only unless the R box is checked (see below).
  • R: Ring. If WR are both selected, the macro will ring when 4 or more monsters are within ring range. If R is selected but not W, the macro will ring as long as any R monster is within ring range, but if no monsters are within ring range it will use standard war on ones outside of ring range.
  • S: Streak.
  • WC: Weakening Curse.
  • FC: Festering Curse.
  • Cp: Corruption.
  • DC: Destructive Curse.
  • Cs: Corrosion.
  • P: Priority. Priority -1 means ignore completely, while 0-4 are attack. (Higher Number = Higher Priority)

  • Damage Type: The Damage Type you would like to use, or set to <Auto> to have Vtank Decide.
  • Ex. Vuln: An additional element vuln of a user-specified type that will be cast in addition to the listed spells.
  • Weapon: The Weapon/Caster to use if added to the Items tab.
  • Offhand: the offhand weapon or shield, for melees.
  • PetDmg: Sets the elemental pet type to be summoned

Items tab

Vtank items.PNG

  • Add: Select an item in your inventory and press this button.
  • Add (No Buffs): To add the selected Item and have Vtank skip it when buffing.

Combat items go here. Allowed types include:

  • Wands/Staves/Orbs
  • Melee Weapons
  • Missile Weapons
  • Shields
  • Pets

Consumables tab

Vtank consumables.PNG

Types of Items the macro can use during the course of play:

  • Items the macro uses to cast buffs on you such as beers and foodstuffs.
  • Healing kits, stamina kits, healing foods, stamina foods, potions, etc.
  • Mana charges/mana stones
  • Alchemical grenades
  • Spell components for which peas should be split
  • Lockpicks for auto picking doors

Since all buff spells are recast when they go below 5 minutes, buff items that last less than 5 minutes are not allowed.

Buffs tab

Vtank buffs.PNG

By default, Virindi Tank automatically buffs every Attribute and Skill you have trained, as well as every Protection and Bane.

  • Use this tab to buff an additional skill you do not have trained, such as leadership.
  • To modify the protections and banes that are cast, see entry #2.7 in the Virindi Plugins FAQ.

Route tab

Vtank route.PNG

The following types of routes are supported:

  • Circular Route: Plugin traverses waypoints in the order ABC-ABC.(After last waypoint, will return to first waypoint)
  • Linear Route: Plugin traverses waypoints in the order ABC-CBA. (Will run back and forth from beginning to end)
  • Follow Route: Follows another Player.
  • Once Route: Runs a route just once. (Good for ToVendor/ToDungeon routes.)


  • Add: Adds the current location or selected portal as a waypoint, unless Follow mode is selected, in which case the follow target is set to the current selection.
  • Open Vendor: Opens selected/named Vendor.
  • Add Portal/NPC: Opens/Uses selected Portal or NPC.
  • Add NPC Talk: Tries to use an NPC until it sees a "tell" message from them.
  • Add Recall: Adds a recall waypoint to the waypoints list.
  • Add Pause: X Seconds to add pause to Navroute.
  • Add Chat: / commands. (/ls for example) You can input any type of chat or /command, including other plugin commands.

Editing routes:

  • Select the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and select from "Add to End", "Insert Above", or "Insert Below"
  • Use the curly green arrow to set the current waypoint GreenTurnDownArrow.PNG ‎, or the up/down red and green arrows to change it.
  • Add your new waypoint

Command Line:

 /vt nav save filename - Saves the current waypoint list as a new navigation profile.
 /vt nav load filename - Loads a navigation profile. 
 /vt addnavpt coords - Adds a navigation waypoint at the specified coordinates to the end of the current navigation profile
 /vt addnavcheckpoint - Adds a checkpoint waypoint at the current location. Checkpoints wait for the server to verify your location before continuing. 
 /vt jump [heading in degrees] [shift: true or false] [milliseconds to charge the power bar (0 is minimum, 1000 is maximum)]
 /vt addnavjump [heading] [shift] [charge]
 /vt addnavjump [heading] [shift] [charge] [strafeleft/straferight/forward]
 /vt reverseroute [true/false] - Reverses the currently loaded navroute
 /vt reverseroutequery - Returns the value of /vt reverseroute (true/false)
 example: "/vt jump 360 true 500 strafeleft"

Example Route:

* Aerbax (The silly long tunnel) - Right-click, Save-as. Place the file in your Virindi Tank folder inside the Virindi Plugins folder.

Meta tab

See Virindi Tank Meta System


The Virindi Tank Meta system is a way to control what the macro is doing on a higher level than normal operations. The system allows you to implement a Finite-state machine. This machine consists of rules and states. For Meta to operate, the Enable Meta Actions checkbox on the Profiles tab must be checked.